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Research Symposium Posters

These posters were presented at other national or international forums. They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Te Whatu Ora Waitematā Health policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.

Symposium posters 2023

Voting for People's Choice Poster is open from 22 May to 18 June. Click on the thumbnails below to read each posters and click to vote for the poster of your choice. You can only vote once. The winner of the People's Choice poster will be announced at the Awards event on 24 July.

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thumbposter2023 1 VMurphy

Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Purpose of Student Surgical Interest Groups

thumbposter2023 2 KBartholomew

Feasibility and acceptability of telehealth and contactless HPV self- testing for Māori and Pacific women in a COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand

thumbposter2023 3 KNg

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Waitematā patients in Auckland: Epidemiology and Attainment of Lupus Low Disease Activity State (LLDAS)

thumbposter2023 4 SRoberts

Vancomycin use for haemodyalysis patients: development of a new dosing protocol

thumbposter2023 5 DToomey

What key clinical, psychological and neurophysiological factors predict the magnitude of exercise induced hypoalgesia (EIH) in individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA)?

thumbposter2023 6 DToomey

Can a targeted pre-exercise education intervention enhance the exercise induced hypoalgesia (EIH) response in individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA)?

thumbposter2023 7 JWang

Quality Performance Indicators compliance for the Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer at North Shore Hospital

thumbposter2023 8 JWang

Selective use of radiological staging in node-positive Stage II breast cancer patients may have a role in treatment

thumbposter2023 9 EFHan

Cancer screening services: What do indigenous communities want? A systematic review

thumbposter2023 10 RRichardson

Risk and protective factors of self-harm and suicidality in adolescents - an umbrella review

thumbposter2023 11 ALee

The Spiral Curriculum: A 5-year programme to improve doctors' prescribing practice

thumbposter2023 12 GAnsell

Providing a pro-active response to COVID-19 demands: Totara Club Dementia day stay

thumbposter2023 13 BHammond

Inter- and intra-rater reliability for assessment of swallowing using a hand-held portable ultrasound device

thumbposter2023 14 JHikaka

Kaumātua have the ability, desire and right to control their medicines journey

thumbposter2023 15 MWalsh

Association between socioeconomic deprivation and community antibiotic dispensing in the Northern Region of New Zealand using a new measure of deprivation