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A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain stops suddenly. After a few minutes without oxygen and food from your blood, your brain begins to suffer damage.

Is it a stroke? Think FAST and call 111 immediately if you suspect a stroke!

Prompt action can save lives and improve recovery. That's because Time is Brain – the sooner doctors can determine if a clot can be dissolved or removed, the less damage is done, and the better the chance of a strong recovery.

The FAST campaign encourages everyone to learn the key signs of stroke:


Is it drooping on one side?


Is one arm weak?


Is it mixed-up, slurred or lost?

Take Action

Call 111 immediately!

FAST - At Any Sign of Stroke Call 111

We know FAST works, because we hear from New Zealanders who owe their recovery to someone recognising the signs of stroke and knowing what to do.


Patsy's journey with stroke

Patsy had a stroke in her apartment. Fortunately, retirement village staff and ambulance officer Steve recognised her symptoms, took action and got her to the hospital fast. Patsy was assessed and appropriate to receive clot retrieval treatment. She tells her incredible story in the video below showcasing the team work and advanced treatments available in the stroke service.

Patsy's journey with stroke on Vimeo

Waitemata Stroke Service

Waitemata DHB provides specialised acute stroke care at North Shore and Waitakere Hospital. Inpatient and community rehabilitation services are available for those requiring further support in their stroke recovery.

More information and resources about stroke can be found at: