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Our Promise & Values


Our Promise 

Best care for everyone 

This is our promise to the Waitematā community and the standard for how we work together.

  • Regardless of whether we work directly with patients/clients or support the work of the organisation in other ways, each of us makes an essential contribution to ensuring Waitematā DHB delivers the best care for every single patient/client using our services


Our Purpose

  • Relieve suffering
  • Promote wellness
  • Prevent, cure and ameliorate ill health


Our Priorities 

  • Patient experience 
  • Better outcomes 

Our Values

Everyone matters

  • Every single person matters, whether a patient / client, family member or a staff member

With compassion

  • We see our work in health as a vocation and more than a job
  • We are aware of the suffering of these entrusted to our care
  • We are driven by a desire to relieve that suffering
  • This philosophy drives our caring approach and means we will strive to do everything we can to relieve suffering and promote wellness


  • We are connected with our community
  • We need to be connected within our organisation – across disciplines and teams
  • This is to ensure care is seamless and integrated to achieve the best possible health outcomes for our patients/clients and their families

Better, best, brilliant

  • We seek continuous improvement in everything we do
  • We will become the national leader in health care delivery

Purpose statement