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Organisation-Wide Planning

Te Whatu Ora district services are required to budget and operate within allocated funding and to identify specific actions to improve year-on-year financial performance in order to live within their means. Improvements through national, regional and sub-regional initiatives continue to be a focus for all districts.

The health service is leading the following areas in the whole-of-governent key result areas:-

  • increased infant immunisation
  • reduced incidence of rheumatic fever
  • reduced assaults on children

District services work closely with other social sector organisations including non-government organisations (NGOs) to achieve our sector goals in relaton to these and other initiatives.

Te Whatu Ora - Waitematā was established to:

  • improve, promote and protect the health of communities
  • reduce inequalities in health status
  • integrate health services, especially primary and hospital services
  • promote effective care or support of those in need of personal health services or disability support