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Going home

Discharge from hospital

  • The standard discharge time is usually 11am
  • If you are ready to go home or on the ward you may be moved to the patient discharge lounge while waiting for final paperwork, blood test results, dressings etc.
  • The discharge lounge is an area with chairs and La-Z-Boys, with beverage and TV facilities available
  • There are registered nurses present who will manage your final treatments
  • Once your doctors have completed your paperwork and prescription the staff will assist you to contact your family/friends for transport home
  • We aim to move as many patients as possible to the discharge lounge throughout the day as this creates beds for new patients awaiting admission

Medicine Bag

Information about your medication

  • It is important you know what medicines you will be taking when you go home, why you need them, and what the side effects might be
  • Please ask if you are unsure
  • Staff should explain your medicines to you and check that you understand when you are given your discharge summary


Medicines brought in from home

  • If you bring medicines into hospital, the following will be returned to you:
    • correctly labelled items that you will continue taking
    • non-prescription items that you have purchased
  • The following items will not routinely be returned:
    • items which have been discontinued as a result of your admission
    • medicines with illegible or missing labels  

Outpatient appointments

  • You may be required to attend a follow-up appointment in an outpatient clinic, at the Physiotherapy Department or other specialist clinics
  • You will be sent an appointment card detailing the date and time to attend
  • If you cannot attend please contact the department with the phone number on your appointment card
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for more information or to question anything you do not understand when attending your clinic appointment
  • You may also bring a support person with you
  • Visit our outpatient appointments page for more information