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Dietitians - Adult Outpatients

Welcome to the Adult Outpatient Dietitians service at Waitemata DHB.


What will the Dietitian do?

Your dietitian will ask lots of questions to help fully assess your nutritional needs.  They will take into account what you have been referred for, but dietitians also have a holistic approach that includes you as a whole person, not just a medical condition.   Your outpatient dietitian will make specific recommendations as part of your treatment plan.  They will work with you and your Whānau to achieve your goals and offer nutrition education and follow up care as required.



Adult Outpatient Services

Some people require ongoing nutrition input either in the community or after they are discharged from hospital. One or more clinic appointments with the dietitian may be appropriate. A variety of clinics are offered, including the following specialist areas: gastrointestinal issues, allergies, intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease, malnutrition, healthy eating for weight management, bariatric surgery (via Surgical Services Bariatric Service for weight loss) and general surgery. Clinics are available via video conference, telephone or in person at North Shore Hospital, Waitakere hospital, and Hibiscus Coast Community Centre.

If you have been referred for the following, please note:

  • Concerns with high weight  - a Health at Every Size approach with behaviour modification for positive relationships with food is offered via group sessions  
  • Maternity - please note high BMI referrals will be invited to our Eating for Your Health group sessions
  • Concerns with low body weight or that you are not getting enough nutrients for optimal health  may also be referred to as malnutrition
  • Gastrointestinal disorders including Coeliac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – you may be offered a 1:1 clinic appointment or group sessions depending on what your referral information contained

People with diabetes or kidney concerns are not seen in this service, but will be referred on to the Renal or Diabetes Dietitians.


Scheduling your outpatient appointment

You will receive an appointment time by email or by post. This appointment may be video conference, telephone or face to face. If the time, date or method of contact does not suit you, please contact our booking clerk on 09 489 0556 to reschedule or change the method of contact (e.g. video conference to face to face).

If you don’t require a dietitian appointment, please contact our booking clerk to cancel your appointment.



For assistance with setting up your video conference or phone appointment, please visit our Telehealth page.


Group Information

If you have been sent an invite to a group education class, please see below for information about the groups:

Dietitians - Adult Outpatients

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