North Shore (09) 486 8900
Waitakere (09) 839 0000

Maternity Services - Waitakere Hospital

  • The Special Care Baby Unit can accommodate babies over 32 weeks' gestation
  • Women who are expected to have complications requiring a 24-hour blood bank service or an Intensive Care Unit are advised to give birth at North Shore Hospital
  • National Women’s Health at Auckland City Hospital provides tertiary-level care

Community Services

  • Liaison Midwife
    Finding a midwife can be a very confusing and stressful time, especially for first time mothers or those who have found the system has changed since their last child
    The Liaison Midwife informs women of their choices as to who can provide them with pregnancy care
    They will also discuss what may suit each individual woman best and make the appropriate referrals to ensure antenatal care begins
  • Community Midwifery
    This team of midwives provides support for the antenatal clinics and provides antenatal and postnatal care for women unable to register with an LMC in West Auckland 
  • Aratika Midwives
    This is a small group of midwives who provides continuity of care for women with complex maternity needs
  • Antenatal Clinic Services
    For secondary obstetric, obstetric physician or anaesthetic consultations as required
  • Childbirth Education
    Includes courses of both antenatal classes and breastfeeding workshops
  • Lactation Consultant Clinics
    Get expert advice for specific breastfeeding problems from qualified lactation consultants

Facility Services

  • Birthing Facilities
    • 2 birthing areas
    • 8 birthing rooms
    • 2 deep water birth pools
    • for women who are cared for by the community midwifery service, care during labour and birth is provided by Waitakere facility midwives
  • Postnatal Wards
    • 2 postnatal wards - Te Henga and Piha – which feature a total of
    • 30 postnatal beds
    • average length of stay for women who have had a natural vaginal birth is 2 - 3 days
    • average length of stay for women who have had a Caesarean Section is 3 - 5 days
  • Services available for maternity clients include:
    • Physiotherapy: providing individual assessment, advice and treatment for women
    • Lactation Consultant: to support women with complex breastfeeding issues and to provide practical breastfeeding workshops
    • Social Work: experienced social workers provide confidential counselling and advocacy services and information on community support
    • Cultural Support: Te Puna O Te Ora Services provide cultural support to Māori women and their whanau, providing access to health, advocacy and the appropriate support services where required
    • Asian Health Support Service brings together a variety of support networks for members of the Asian community
    • A Pacific Island Community Liaison worker advocates and liaises between members of Pacific Island communities and maternity to improve access for women and their families


  • Waitakere Hospital
    Antenatal Clinic: Ph (09) 837 6609
    Antenatal classes: Ph(09) 486 8920 ext 3048
    Breastfeeding classes: Ph (09) 486 8920 ext 3048
    Piha Ward: Ph (09) 837 6605
    Te Henga Ward: Ph (09) 838 9545
    Liaison Midwife: Ph (09) 837 8808
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